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The RR2160; The Last Great Stereo Receiver


By way of background, it will be the proud successor to the RR 2150. The original “Retro Receiver” was designed to stand the test of time and it has certainly done that. It has won multiple awards, received outstanding reviews from the toughest reviewers and critics, and has consistently been one of our best-selling products. However, all good things must eventually come to an end. Thanks to its timeless performance, we’d love to continue building the RR 2150, but many of its key component parts are at end of life.

How do you follow a classic? You start by retaining the key features that made the original a true benchmark product. For example, the RR 2160 retains and improves on the thick, multi-layered, aluminum front panel design, will keep the audiophile-quality phono preamp and offer configurable analog bass management. However, wrapped inside a familiar looking exterior is a product that is almost completely new, and destined to become the stereo receiver by which many others will now be judged.

While many AVRs do a reasonable job of reproducing two-channel content, the “serious stereo listener” often requires a very different set of performance standards than their multichannel counterparts. Such unique requirements were at the top of our list as we designed the new RR 2160 to continue the legacy of its predecessor and further expand the mission statement to be
“The Last Great Stereo Receiver”.

For a high quality two-channel product, the devil is in the details. Therefore, let’s get to what will make the RR 2160 a new classic:

Higher Power: The amplifier section is all new, with power conservatively rated at 2x110wpc at 8 ohms/2x165wpc at 4 ohms, both channels driven, 20Hz-20kHz, <0.05%THD. We invite you to look at the internal pictures and note the massive heat sinks and beefy toroidal transformer. While others in the stereo receiver world have switched to SMPS power supplies, the RR 2160 retains a classic, noise-free analog supply. We know that two-channel listening often includes large, power-hungry, full-range speakers. The RR 2160 is more than up to virtually anything you throw at it.

A Wealth of Analog and Digital Inputs: While analog sources continue to be a key part of stereo listening, in today’s digital world, it is essential to have inputs for sound cards and servers. The RR 2160 has a pair of both optical and coaxial inputs along with both front and rear-panel USB inputs. They feed Burr-Brown PCM DACs with native 192/24 capability. Don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten about analog. There are six analog stereo RCA inputs, a 3.5mm front panel jack and an external processor loop, which can be used as an additional input. In addition to these, we’ve updated the MM/MC capable phono preamp for our vinyl fanatics.

Internal Audio Source Options: The original audio receivers were designed to pack a preamp, amplifier and tuner in one package. The RR 2160 goes beyond the standard FM/FM Stereo/AM capability to add the quality and flexibility of HD-Radio. Is the station you prefer out of local range? The RR 2160 has you covered with Internet Radio that accesses a global range of stations.1 Complete Audio Control: The RR 2160 has everything you need to custom tailor its sound to your listening environment. Of course, there is a precision volume control and tone controls with a front panel defeat switch. For added low-end optimization, the RR 2160 remains as the only stereo receiver with adjustable equalization. The option to add a half-octave of bass boost at select frequencies can greatly to improve bass response, particularly with compact bookshelf speakers. Are you a headphone listener? The headphone output operates via a negative feedback loop and can be adjusted with the master volume, as well as its own level control.

Details That Make the Difference: The RR 2160 has a unique package of additional features not found in other two-channel receivers. For example, there are two remote triggers for those who wish to control optional, external amplifiers connected to the Pre-Out/Main-In jacks, and two USB ports deliver 5-volts to power accessories such as streaming adaptors. Attention to detail even extends to items others skimp on: upgraded speaker terminals, IR In/Out jacks, separate listening paths for the main and record outputs, dual subwoofer pre-outputs, a dimmable two-line display and a heavy gauge, removable power cord. Even the remote is a special, custom-made, all-aluminum remote control of the type seldom found in this category.

USB Software Update Capability: If a software update is required, the process is as simple as downloading a file from our web site to a USB stick and plugging it in.

Separates with comparable sonic quality and construction are priced significantly higher. As with its legendary predecessor, we believe that there is simply nothing else in the stereo receiver category, anywhere near this price range, that even comes close to the RR 2160.

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