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   RR2160 Stereo Receiver

Steve Guttenberg, of CNET, claims "The Outlaw Audio RR 2160 stereo receiver flat out sounds better than any receiver or amplifier I've heard for its $799 asking price."

•State-of-the-art stereo receiver

•High performance HD Radio
FM Stereo/FM/AM tuner

•Multiple inputs with separate record output bus

•USB-B input for Hi-Res playback from compatible computers

•High quality phono input for both moving magnet and moving coil cartridges

•Processor/equalizer loop

•Subwoofer output that includes selectable, analog bass management

•Front panel "speaker equalization" selector adds a half-octave of bass boost at a choice of frequencies to improve performance with compact bookshelf speakers

•Headphone jack with level control

•Front panel stereo mini-jack input for easy connection to portable devices such as iPodŽ

•Internet Radio

•5V DC Accessory Power for external devices

•USB-A Input for connecting

•2 Digital Coax Inputs

•2 Digital Optical Inputs

•Tone control defeat

•Precision, motorized volume control

•A/B Speaker Output

•Pre-Out/Main-In connections

•IR In/Out jacks

•Removable IEC style power cord

•All Aluminum remote control


Owner's Manual


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Audio Section

• Continuous Average Power:
110 watts per channel, 20 Hz - 20kHz,<0.05% THD, both channels driven into 8 ohms
165 watts per channel, 20 Hz - 20kHz,<0.05% THD, both channels driven into 4 ohms

• Input Sensitivity/Impedance:
High Level: 200mV/47kohms
MM Phono: 3.3mV/47kohms
MC Phono: 0.6mV/47kohms

•S/N Ratio: 96dB

•Bass Management:
Adjustable 60/80/100/Bypass
High-Pass Slope 12 dB/octave (2nd order)
Low-Pass Slope 12 dB/octave (2nd order)

•Tone Control:
Bass Center Frequency/Range 50Hz ± 10dB
Treble Center Frequency/Range 10KHz ± 10db

FM Tuner Section

•Frequency Range:

•Usable Sensitivity IHF: 12.8dBf

•Signal-to-Noise Ratio:
Mono/Stereo 75/70dB

•Stereo Distortion: 0.24%

•Stereo Separation:
37dB @ 19kHz

•Selectivity: +/-10kHz, 70dB

AM Tuner Section

•Frequency Range: 530-1710kHz

•Usable Sensitivity: 500uV/M

•Signal-to-Noise Ratio: >54dB

•Selectivity: +/-10kHz >25dB


•Supply Voltage 120V, 60Hz only

•Power Consumption:
0.4W Idle
400W maximum, both channels driven

(HxWxD) 5.75 x 17.1 x 15 in.
Weight 27 lbs