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Products: Amplifiers

Outlaw Amps are famous for pure sound, elegant sound and steel reliability.

Model 7900

Model 7900 7-channel Balanced Amplifier

This all new, fully balanced power amplifier uses 24 output transistors per channel to deliver an astounding 7x300 watts per channel, all channels driven! This behemoth is so powerful that it needs dual 15A breakers just to run it!

Model 7700

Model 7700 7-channel Balanced Amplifier

With SEVEN 200-watt balanced channels, the Model 7700 powerhouse is the companion amp for our 990 Preamplifier/Processor. Audiophile quality at a low price. Your speakers never sounded so good.

Model 755

Model 7500 5-channel Balanced Amplifier

The Model 7500 is our high-power five channel balanced amplifier (5 x 200W), perfect for most theater applications. A worthy successor to the award winning Model 750 and Model 755 amplifiers, the Model 7500 features dual-torroid transformers for space saving design.

Model 7125

Model 7125 7-channel Amplifier

A moderate price never had such a reward. The Model 7125 delivers 7 channels at 125 Watts each, allowing playback of the most recent sound formats without breaking the bank.

Model 7075

Model 7075 7-channel Amplifier

The Model 7075 delivers high quality amplification for those of us with smaller rooms or highly efficient speakers. Now, you can own the benefits of dedicated power amplification without paying for power you'll never use. Audition the Model 7075 in your home today!

Model 2200

Model 2200 M-Block Amplifier

Mono? Mini? Micro? Magnificent? Whatever that M is, this is one UNREAL little single-channel amp. 200 Watts (conservatively!) into a 1.75-inch chassis with balanced input connector. Mysterious? Mega!

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