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Model 7100 7-Channel Amplifier

Alright, we’ll admit it. Not everyone needs 200 watts of power per channel. Smaller rooms, efficient speakers and problematic neighbors (or spouses) sometimes dictate the need for smaller amps. The Model 7100 is the ultimate elegant solution. Seven, 100-watt amps in one chassis provide significant power and flexibility at an unheard of $899. That’s just over a buck and a quarter a watt! Built on the same platform as its big brother the Model 770, the 7100’s 7-channel configuration makes it perfect for the newest Dolby Digital EX and DTS-ES applications. So, if you have neighbors (or a spouse) who likes to complain, but you still want the dynamic range, detail, and soundstage of high performance separates, the Model 7100 is for you. We sincerely believe that the 7100 represents very best value anywhere in a multi-channel amplifier.

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