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Outlaw Audio Ultra-X13 Subwoofer

The Ultra-X13  is our most advanced subwoofer. Designed to meet the demanding specifications of THX, the X13 will deliver "reference level" 115 dBSPL with remarkably low distortion.

Among the Ultra-X13's many features are:

• THX Ultra Certification for very low level distortion
• A down firing design that virtually eliminates audible port noise
• A long throw 13" driver (80mm excursion) for deep bass extension
• A powerful 1000 watt amplifier for precise driver control
• Variable port tuning for customized output
• Signal Sense for automatic turn on/off
• 180-degree phase control
• RCA and XLR inputs
• XLR Pass Thru inputs
• Detachable power cord





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Driver Type: Down Firing, 13" Long-throw Woofer

Excursion: Linear 39mm p-p Max mechanical 80mm p-p

Ports: Dual

Amplifier Power Rating: 1000WRMS

Frequency Response; Sealed: 20Hz.-200Hz. EQ1

THX Certified Mode; 2 ports open: 20Hz.-200Hz EQ2

One Port Plugged:
15Hz.-200Hz EQ1

Crossover Type: 4th Order Low Pass Network

Crossover Frequency: 40Hz to 160Hz and Bypass

Phase: 0 to 180 Degrees

SPL: 120dB (subject to placement and room gain)

Dimensions: (HxWxD) 26.875" x 17.0" x 23.0"

Weight: 105 lbs