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B-stock units are customer returns or factory-refurbished units that have been opened for any reason. They
carry a full warranty and thirty-day money back trial. While these units are 100% fully operational they are
not guaranteed to be blemish free. B-stock availability changes periodically, so please check back often.


Item Product Description Price
Individual B-Stock Items
OAW4 B-Stock B-Stock Wireless Audio System (Passive) NOW SOLD OUT  $109.00
HDS42AVR OA B-Stock B-Stock HDS42AVR Switcher specific to Model 975 NOW SOLD OUT  $119.00
RR2160MkII B-Stock B-Stock RR2160 Stereo Receiver NOW SOLD OUT $899.00
Model 976 B-Stock B-Stock Model 976 Surround Processor (4K & HDR)  $829.00
Model 975 B-Stock B-Stock Model 975 B-Stock AV Processor NOW SOLD OUT $499.00
M8 B-Stock B-Stock M8 Powered Subwoofer NOW SOLD OUT $279.00
Ultra-X12 B-Stock B-Stock Ultra-X12 Powered Subwoofer $639.00
Ultra-X13 B-Stock B-Stock Ultra-X13 Powered Subwoofer NOW SOLD OUT $1299.00
Model 2220 B-Stock B-Stock Model 2220 200 Watt Power Amp NOW SOLD OUT  $329.00
Model 5000X B-Stock B-Stock Model 5000X 5 x 120 Watt Power Amp  $699.00
Model 7000X B-Stock B-Stock Model 7000X 7 x 130 Watt Power Amp  $909.00
Model 7220 B-Stock B-Stock 7 x 220 Watt Balanced Power Amplifier NOW SOLD OUT $3249.00
Model 7900 B-Stock B-Stock 7 x 300 Watt Balanced Power Amplifier NOW SOLD OUT $3499.00
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