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For those of you who participate in the Outlaw Saloon, two weeks ago we posted photos and basic performance criteria about a product that was “coming soon to a home theater near you”. Today we are pleased to formally announce the OSB-1 Powered Sound bar with H-PAS technology!


As you may know, the Outlaws were the first licensee of Atlantic Technology’s H-PAS bass reproduction system. H-PAS (Hybrid Pressure Acceleration System) is a unique, patented bass system that combines the best of four technologies: acoustic suspension, inverse horn, bass reflex, and transmission line. By cascading these four technologies into one another in a precise, mathematically-determined cabinet alignment, H-PAS achieves something never before possible: a compact enclosure with small drivers that delivers deep, low distortion bass response without the need for a separate subwoofer.


H-PAS technology is featured in award-winning Atlantic Technology tower and bookshelf speakers that are also available from the Outlaws.  However, the full impact of H-PAS technology is best demonstrated when implemented in a sound bar.  An H-PAS sound bar solves the problem of poor bass response caused by the thin profile of a flat panel display. Thus, a sound bar with the addition of a subwoofer has become the minimum requirement to reproduce anything close to the full spectrum sound of today’s multichannel digital broadcasts. Unfortunately for many, the need for a subwoofer is simply a deal-breaker. With H-PAS, the deal is done!


While all of this sounds great on paper, it was not until we first heard a demonstration of an early prototype of Atlantic Technology’s sound bar that we started to see the full potential of H-PAS.  In fact, we were so stunned by that demo we immediately began planning an Outlaw version of this product.


Introducing the Outlaw OSB-1 Powered Sound Bar with H-PAS Technology!

The World’s Only Sound Bar That Doesn’t Require a Subwoofer!


The Outlaw OSB-1 is a 43”-long, self-powered sound bar that delivers multi-channel high-fidelity sound for your home entertainment system. It features the patented H-PAS technology to produce deep, distortion-free bass without the need for a subwoofer!


Using just two 4” woofers, the Outlaw OSB-1 reaches down to a solid 47 Hz at theater-like SPLs, for an absolutely convincing (and totally satisfying), sonic experience. The OSB-1 is the only sound bar with the extended frequency response and dynamics that makes the use of a subwoofer truly optional. For those of you who have a flat panel TV in a room where you are unable or unwilling to put a “black box on the floor,” the OSB-1 is the perfect solution.


Of course, there’s more to a movie  soundtrack than just deep bass, and this Outlaw OSB-1 Sound Bar is no one-trick-pony.  The OSB-1 also decodes, amplifies, and reproduces Dolby and DTS soundtracks in a single elegant speaker. Powered by an on-board amplifier with 80 total watts RMS, the net result is an easy to connect and operate, total high-performance system which virtually disappears into the room when mounted near your flat panel display. That makes the Outlaw OSB-1 ideal for small home theaters, second systems, playrooms, bedrooms and more!




When you are not watching TV, the OSB -1 also doubles as a terrific music system. Indeed, when Atlantic introduced this sound bar to the press they chose to use audiophile music tracks for most of their demos - and the reporters in attendance were blown away. Many commented that the H-PAS demos were the first time it was possible to do critical music listening with a sound bar. They were totally impressed, and we suspect you will have the same reaction when you hear your music library reproduced on this remarkable product.


By including a mix of optical digital, coaxial digital, and analog audio inputs; an advanced multi-channel DSP that auto detects the signal type to determine the best sound enhanced mode; and a simple IR remote, the OSB-1 is as simple to use as it is to set up. In addition, the OSB-1’s digital display can even be “flipped” to read correctly whether the unit is sitting on a table or inverted on a flat-screen mount.


For the average home theater enthusiast, the OSB-1’s 47 Hz extension is more than sufficient.  However, judging by the overwhelming popularity of our LFM series subwoofers we know that our fellow Outlaws are NOT “average” home theater enthusiasts; you’re all incorrigible bass hounds! As such, an Outlaw sound bar that did not accommodate a subwoofer output…well, that just wouldn’t be an Outlaw sound bar! Therefore, for those Outlaws, the OSB-1 provides an optional subwoofer output that can tap into even the deepest LFE soundtracks where bass is felt, more than it is heard. So how is the OSB-1 sound bar better than any other sound bar and powered sub combo? Read on to learn more.




Typical “sound bar” systems are designed to provide an upgraded alternative to your flat panel display’s mediocre sound system. Inexpensive sound bar systems often provide a single powered speaker that plays a bit louder than your TV’s speakers, but digs only marginally deeper in the bass. Spend a little more, and many sound bar manufacturers will include a “mid-bass” woofer to further enhance the performance.


Unfortunately, since these sound bars are usually only capable of playing down to about 150-200 Hz, to avoid a deep acoustic hole, the mid-bass woofer must deliver sound all the way out to that same 150 Hz or so. If you tuck that “mid-woofer” in a corner, you end up having James Earl Jones’ voice coming from two places: from the corner of your room and the sound bar itself! Good old James’ voice is now 12 feet wide.  Sort of defeats the purpose of a sound bar, doesn’t it?


Outlaw OSB-1 Powered Sound Bar with H-PAS technology avoids this problem


Thanks to the OSB-1’s solid performance to 47 Hz, its deep extension means that in most cases you do not need the sub. However if you choose to add the sub to get bass down to the twenties, you can use a normal sub such as our M-8 which starts rolling off above 80Hz.  That means you can place the sub anywhere and James Earl Jones’ voice remains where it is supposed to be-- in the TV picture.




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