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Press Release: About the Model 950

Las Vegas, January 8, 2002 -- Outlaw Audio, the leading internet-only consumer electronics brand, has introduced its Model 950 Audio-Video Preamplifier and 7.1-channel processor and is previewing it for the press at the 2002 International Consumer Electronics Show. General distribution of the Model 950 will begin this month through the Outlaw Audio web site at an introductory price of $899.

Designed to offer the highest possible audio performance at a value price, the Model 950 will be the first preamp/processor to offer a full spectrum of surround processing modes and a complete range of audiophile features at an affordable price. “Our first three products have all won high praise from reviewers and consumers alike, winning numerous awards in the process, and the Model 950 will continue that tradition," commented the Outlaws. “We designed the Model 950 to set a new benchmark for audio quality, flexibility and ease of use, and with our direct-to-consumer business model we are able to deliver true high end performance to those who could not otherwise afford it."

Using the latest surround processing technology from Cirrus Logic, the Model 950 is the only product in its price class to offer a complete range of surround processing modes. The Model 950 is the only surround processor under $900, and is one of the few units at any price to offer Dolby Digital® Surround EX®, Dolby ProLogic II®, the complete suite of DTS-ES® and DTS Neo:6® processing and decoding, and Cirrus Logic’s Extra Surround™, in addition to 5 Channel Stereo and 7 Channel Stereo modes. This incredible array of surround options assures compatibility with the widest range of source material, delivering 5.1, 6.1 or 7.1 channel sound fields, depending on the user’s speaker configuration.

Today’s home theater systems are a complex mix of digital and analog sources, and the Model 950 is equipped to handle them all with a degree of flexibility not found in competitive products. In addition to four optical and two coaxial inputs for digital sources assignable to any of the five A/V inputs, the Model 950 includes four pairs of audio-only analog inputs for legacy devices such as tape players and phono preamps. Unique in its price class, all analog audio inputs may be switched to “stereo bypass," so that the input signal is routed around the DSP and directly to the volume control. A 5.1 multi-channel analog input set is also provided for connection to DVD-Audio and SACD players, and a pair of digital outputs is available for use with external digital recorders.

Designed to meet the needs of the audio enthusiast, the Model 950 is the first product at any price to include Cirrus Logic’s new Triple Crossover circuitry, allowing the high pass filter for the front left/right, center front and surround speakers to all be set separately. This enables the use of “large” speakers at the front with a mix of center and surround speaker options. An additional bass direction option is a separate 80Hz crossover for the 5.1 “Direct” analog inputs that may be engaged to properly route low frequencies to subwoofers when bass management is not provided in a DVD-Audio or SACD player. For complete analog bass management, Outlaw offers the ICBM to provide individual control for all speaker crossover points.

Additional attention to detail in the Model 950’s design includes the use of premium 24-bit, 192 kHz Cirrus digital-to-analog converters with exceptionally low jitter and high-end signal-to-noise figures. The unit’s large torroidal power transformer is completely shielded to reduce noise, and all inputs and outputs are buffered to improve the interface with other components and cables. Only 1 percent tolerance components are used in critical circuit elements.

In an age when total system performance is essential, the Model 950 pays special attention to integration with other components. The bandwidth of the component video switching circuits exceeds 45 MHz for HDTV compatibility, and low voltage trigger jacks for power amplifiers and a removable IEC style power cord simplify installation. A complete second zone switching system allows one input to be used in the main room while a separate source is fed to a different zone, complete with remote IR input and amplifier trigger.

The Model 950 includes a fully programmable and learning, backlit, eight-device remote control and a high performance AM/FM/FM stereo tuner provides the type of tuner performance expected from a high-end product.

Reservations for the Outlaw Audio Model 950 preamp/processor are now being taken through the Outlaw web site www.outlawaudio.com. The Model 950 will begin shipping in January at an introductory price of $899.

Privately owned Outlaw Audio designs and markets their own line of high-performance, high-value consumer electronics products and markets them exclusively via the Internet from their www.outlawaudio.com web site. By spring, their complete line of home theater components will consist of two power amplifiers, an internet tuner, 7.1-channel AV processor, 6.1-channel AV receiver, integrated bass manager, and analog and digital interconnect cables. The recipient of major awards and “Recommended Component” ratings from major publications, Outlaw’s products are highly regarded by audiophiles around the world.

Dolby, Dolby Digital, Dolby Surround-EX and ProLogic II are registered trademarks of Dolby Laboratories.
DTS, DTS-ES and DTS Neo:6 are registered trademarks of Digital Theater Systems, Inc.
Cirrus, Cirrus Logic and Extra Surround are trademarks of Cirrus Logic, Inc..

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