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Model 770 7-Channel Amplifier

In the tradition of our award winning Model 750 five channel power amp we have released the Models 770 ($1799-7 channel amp) and 755 ($1299-5channel amp).

Power --- Gobs of it: pure and simple. These days the very best home theaters use dedicated power amps. They provide more power on demand to ensure that the F-18 Hornet in the latest action blockbuster sounds like a heavily armed fighter than a paper airplane. Our Model 770 and 755 define what true high power amps really are. At 200 watts per channel, two massive Torroidal transformers and 22,600uf of capacitance per module these amps are unrivaled. The 770/755 will drive virtually any speaker in existence to reference levels, and they will do so with the authority of an F-18 and the finesse of a concert violinist. If you are really serious about your home theater don’t settle for “receiver” power, get yourself a dolly and wheel one of these amps into your system. Be prepared to hear soundtracks the way they were intended to be experienced.

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