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The Last Great Stereo Receiver


It is no secret that the gestation process for this product was a long one, but that is due to the fact that, perhaps more than any of our other products, the RR 2150 has truly been a labor of love. With over ninety man-years in product design and over one hundred two-channel products among us, the Outlaw team working on this product would accept nothing less than perfection. Growing up listening to and selling, “pure two-channel stereo” we knew that there probably wouldn’t be another chance to create a product like this. Everything: the industrial design, the fit and finish, the circuit topology, the feature list, and of course, the sonic performance, had to be “just right”.

At the start of this special project, we thought about all the two-channel products we had designed for other companies and asked ourselves “If we had to do it all over again what would we have done differently with two-channel receivers. What would we want if we could design it for ourselves, from the ground up?” The RR2150 answers those questions.

The first requirement was a timeless industrial design and for inspiration we extensively researched the classic industrial designs of the past. The RR 2150 is reminiscent of the golden age of art deco radios, coupled with design elements traditionally found only in high-end, two-channel products. A thick, multi layered, brushed aluminum front panel combined with custom tooled knobs and a precision, motorized volume control helps to capture all of these elements.

Along with an elegant appearance, one look at the front panel will tell you that the RR 2150 is simple and intuitive. Yes, we still recommend that you read the Owner’s Manual to find out how to take advantage of all the unique features, but most users will be able to get their RR2150 up and running right out of the box.

Features and Performance

As you would expect from the Outlaws, the RR2150 delivers solid, no-compromise two- channel performance. The robust amplifier section delivers 100 watts per channel into 8 ohms (20 Hz – 20 kHz, less than 0.03% THD, both channels driven), and 160 watts into a 4-ohm load. As a product designed for music listening, even most demanding musical peaks are not a problem thanks to ample filter capacitor reserves.

A “music” product places different demands on the inputs than a multichannel “home theater” product. For example, for vinyl purists the RR 2150 includes a MM/MC phono stage with signal-to-noise and distortion performance rivaling expensive stand-alone phono preamplifiers. At the same time, the RR 2150 steps into the future, with USB input that will allow you to connect your computer or other compatible product to a “real” music system. This will make your MP3s and streaming audio programs sound better than you ever imagined possible.

Recognizing that while the sonic requirements for high quality audio may not have changed, the types of speakers used to reproduce sound have. Therefore, the RR 2150 acknowledges that some modern two-channel audio systems use “sub/sat” speakers as an alternative to more traditional full-range models. As a result, the RR2150 is the first two-channel receiver with built-in analog bass management that allows you to integrate virtually any subwoofer with your bookshelf speakers. True to our goal of building a product we would want in our own home system, the RR 2150 has finally given Outlaw Peter the perfect product in which to use some circuits he developed more than a decade ago, but which had to wait until now for product execution. Making practice of theory, extensive beta testing confirmed what he suspected all along: with a quality subwoofer like either of the Outlaw LFM models, seamless deep bass with “monitor” speakers is an audiophile reality.

There is much more to the RR 2150 that makes it the best sounding, most musical two-channel receiver ever, such as defeatable tone controls, an external processor loop, trigger controls for use with external amplifiers, a separate record output bus, A/B speaker outputs and the use of specially selected components. However, the proof is in the listening, and that is something you’ll want to experience yourself.

Indeed, a review sample of the RR 2150 is already out for review with one of the most demanding critics in the two-channel world. Preliminary reports confirm that the RR 2150 delivers as advertised, even when used with source components and speakers normally reserved for products costing many times the RR 2150’s price.

For those of you who still cherish the pleasure of two channel recordings, be they old or new, we encourage you to audition this remarkable product. Yes, we selfishly designed it for ourselves, but we believe that many of you share our passion for music. If that sounds like you, you’re in for quite a treat.