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Model 7125 7-Channel Amplifier

The new Model 7125 is a worthy heir to the Model 7100's place in the market, providing a solid performer for Outlaws with demanding sonic requirements but moderate budgets. However, the Model 7125 improves on the Model 7100 in a number of key areas.

As you may have guessed from the model number, we have increased the power output to 7x125 watts at 8 ohms, 7x190 watts at 4 ohms. These are true "all channels driven" power specs, with THD at less than 0.05% from 20 Hz to 20 kHz. We welcome comparisons to the similarly spec'd amplifiers in many of the popular receivers that are priced comparably to a Model 990/Model 7125 combo, as well as competitive separates. Outlaw watts are "real watts", up to the task of delivering all the punch you need when playing a challenging movie soundtrack or musical performance. Bring on your most demanding speaker loads and pick a track that has wide dynamic range to all outputs. That is where you'll hear the difference that the Model 7125 delivers.

While the Model 7125 is based on topology that is similar to the Model 7100, we've made some component changes to deliver the increased power:

• The custom designed torrodial transformer is now 1.6 kVA, up from 1.2 kVA on the Model 7100.

• The Model 7125 has six discrete output devices for each channel, compared to four per channel on the Model 7100.

• The industrial design and appearance has been updated so that the Model 7125 is more compatible with the Model 990, but we have not had to increase the unit's dimensions. (Sorry, no more green power buttons!)

• Minor tweaks and upgrades have been made to the circuit design for improved sonic performance.

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