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About the Model 1070


The Model 1050 redefined the A/V industry by combining cutting edge features, rock solid build quality, a robust amplifier section and Internet-Direct pricing. While end users and professional reviewers alike showered us with awards and accolades, our competitors and critics declared we had a "one hit wonder" in an already competitive receiver category; and they were right. That is, until we released its replacement, the Model 1070.


The key to a great A/V receiver is delivering fabulous sound and picture with a thoughtful balance of useful features and intuitive operation. Poised once again to redefine the market, the Model 1070 delivers on this hard to achieve standard.


Incorporating an easy to read two-line display with full menu control and OSD over all analog video connections the 1070 is a breeze to configure. The addition of DVI (Digital Video Interface) switching ensures you'll be able to take advantage of your video sources' very best outputs despite the limited connectivity on most displays.


Of course, video performance is only part of the equation. Audio is the better half of an A/V receiver and the 1070 delivers a true 7x 65 watts per channel. What does that mean? Unlike most mass-market manufacturers, the Model 1070 is rated full bandwidth (20Hz to 20kHz), all channels driven, with < .08%THD. Put another way, the 1070 is more powerful than most so-called 100-watt receivers!


If it’s useful features you're after, you've come to the right place. The 1070 provides the most flexible bass management EVER offered in a 7.1 channel receiver. This ensures that no matter what speakers and subwoofer you use and no matter what sources you like to listen to, your system can be dialed in just the way you like it. The Model 1070 also offers an RS-232 port for software upgrades, lip-sync delay to correct the "Godzilla Effect" (when the dialog timing doesn't match up with the actor's mouth movements), 2-channel subwoofer offset and much, much more.


Powerful, yet compact in size, loaded with features and delivering astounding audio performance, the Model 1070 A/V receiver is the worthy successor to our groundbreaking Model 1050.


We invite you to take advantage of our thirty-day satisfaction guarantee and be a part of the revolution.

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