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Products:The Transformative Engineering HDS-12i HDMI Conditioner/Splitter

Introducing Transformative Engineering's HDS-12i

Transformative's second-generation 2-way HDMI splitter continues to provide conditioning to stabilize and correct signals from nonconforming HDMI devices. Full HDCP security and EDID protocol integrity ensure a reliable handshake between your source and each of the connected displays. While all of Transformative Engineering’s HDMI devices support: 3D, Deep Color, xV Color, and High Speed transmissions.

In addition to scaling, output #2 can be configured as a pass-thru mode (simple 1 to 2 splitter) or AVR mode (a bypass solution which maintains multi channel HDMI audio to AV processors & receivers which do not support 3D or 4K, even when a connected 3D display’s EDID reports 2 channel audio only back to your source.

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Input Signal:

HDMI Version 1.0 thru 1.4a

Video Formats Supported:

Audio Formats Supported:
DTS-HD, Dolby-HD, DVD-A, Dolby TrueHD, 8-CH LPCM

Output Signal:
HDMI Version 1.0 thru 1.4a

Power Supply (included):
5V, 1200mA

6”W x 1.2” H x 2.5” D

< 1 lb.

Feature Set:
● HDMI 1.4a Splitter
● HDCP Security
● Ethernet over HDMI (HEC) & Audio Return
Channel (ARC) on Output 2
● Pass-Thru, AVR, and Scaling Modes