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I am an independent, free-lance web application developer, providing quality technical services for web based business since 1996. I have been operating under the name since 1999, providing web based custom applications & technical services to internet businesses. (tm) is also the developer and distributor of the very popular Perl CGI Shopping Cart -- MerchantOrderForm Shopping Cart.

Sophisticated Web Applications, Small Business Prices.

Since 1996, I have gained considerable expertise in Web based technologies and Web trends. I seem to have a talent for bringing together many different technologies to accomplish a project, and have done complete custom Web Applications that combine Perl CGI, PHP, mySQL, CSS, XML,HTML, DHTML, JavaScript.

I also have a long history of working with networked RDBMS, with expertise in MSAccess & Visual Basic. I started out in Relational Databases many years ago with Ashton Tate's dBaseII, III, III+. I have recently started to work with C#, Microsoft's newest addition to the .NET based programming environment.

Web based technology is here to stay, and it is going to grow into some serious efficiency in the coming years, providing consumers with ever increasing services. Indeed, in just the past few years, we have seen services such as online banking take off into a new level of usability for consumers. In the years and decades ahead, computer based consumerism will proliferate throughout American and World households, becoming as commonplace as the television, radio, and telephone, perhaps even replacing some of those services. & MerchantOrderForm Shopping Cart are registered TradeMarks
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